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My Short Biography

 Water colors, Oil colors, Acrylic colors are my weapons which are helping to meet my struggle to redo the magic of nature on my canvas.I am also deeply amused by the beauty of black & white and recreate the same in charcoal and pencil sketching. Madness of creating things had my hands in crafts like chalk carving, paper sculptures, thread art and botanical art.

I would love to sail with you all in my colorful imagination!.

Venkatesh Rao Karinja

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aRTIST Portfolio

  I was always fascinated by the colors and shades of Mother Nature.
Though I am an engineer by  profession, the fantasy for capturing this beauty kept growing in me and art became my biggest passion!  The mesmerizing colors of the paddy fields in front of my home, pleasant colorful hues of sunrise  behind the hills, deepest greens of the forest and calm blue water in  the lakes ignited my artistic imagination right from my childhood.  Capturing these beautiful Scenery which is bestowed on us by mother nature is now my greatest passion.